What's the one thing
every parent wants
to give their child?

It's not an inheritance, good looks and
a sense of humor (not that those don't help).

Every parent wants to give their child the
skills they need to succeed in the world.

Financial intelligence

is one of the most fundamental of these.
But it's a skill too many parents bypass.
Because it's too complicated, too sensitive
or there's just no time.

Oink can help

Using Oink will give your child

confidence about money.

But like any skill, getting better takes practice.
And to succeed, it helps to have a dedicated,
considerate and attentive instructor, one your
kids like. We've designed Oink to be fun and
engaging for kids, otherwise, what's the point?
Oink will help them handle their allowance,
earn money by doing chores and more.


A key element we've designed into

Oink is trust.

With Oink, you can be certain that your
family's money, and your children's
identity, are safe. Oink is the only financial
platform that fully complies with the
Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule
(COPPA). Oink always uses avatars and
nicknames to keep your child's identity
even more protected.


The only one who sees your child working on

Oink is you.

Oink's dashboard lets you view your child's
spending, so you can make sure they're
sticking to the rules and guidelines you've
set for them. You get to decide whether
they can manage online and brick and
mortar payments, peer to peer payments
and converting digital dollars into real cash.
You decide precisely how much independence
your child is ready for.


As Oink helps your children get ready for
the real world – with all its spending
temptations and savings rewards – you'll
have something just as valuable – total
transparency into what they're doing.
So by the time they're old enough to have
a credit card of their own, you'll have the
confidence of knowing you've given them
the tools to use it wisely and responsibly.

Start helping your kids get smart about money.